4 Tips for Becoming a Floral Designer

Florists happen to be like miracle workers who bring infinite smiles and the sense of emotional well-being to their recipients. If you adore floral designing then you should kick off by being a florist.

Before kick off the journey, there are a few things that you should put into consideration. It is good to note that floral designing is not all about arranging flowers. There is more to that.

Here are 4 tips for becoming a floral designer.

1. Learn And Perfect Your Floral Design Skills

One of the beneficial ways of perfecting your floral design skills is by learning the skills through a class setting or mentor. There are many aspects of arranging flowers such that it is impossible to be a floral design expert from the beginning. Apart from the floral design bit, one must be well educated on the ways of preparing flowers and have understood clearly the ideologies of arranging flowers. You should remember that the floral arrangements will turn out good based on the way you take care of them while prepping. This because flowers are perishable and they need good prepping so as to last for long.

So as to sharpen your skills as a beginner, consider:

• Working with your mentor

• Enrolling for a floral class

• To volunteer working in a nearby flower shop

• Being conversant with the sharp tools you will be handling

• Learning how to make artistic ribbons and use wires

2.   Contemplate The Other Work Florists Do

At this point, you must be aware that being a florist needs hard work. Apart from preparing flowers to lift heavy containers, you might also experience few holiday breaks, and spend long hours working on your feet.

As much as being a florist is rewarding, there are a few additional skills a good florist needs:

• Have good communication skills with your customers

• Be in a position to manage your time well

• Be flexible with your working program (high chances are that you will not be able to make other plans on floral holidays such as Valentine’s Day)

• Have excellent customer service skills- you will encounter various customers with different emotional issues. You need to be compassionate.

3. Discover Your Floral Design Style

It is necessary that you develop your own signature style. Though there are basic ideologies of arranging flowers, skilled florists have their own signature that differentiates their arrangement from the other florists. As you go about this:

• Be as creative and unique

• Bear in mind that you are an artist and flowers along with packaging containers are your canvas

• Be fully focused on what you desire to put across

• Sharpen your skills so that you can bring what is in your mind to reality

4. Set Strategic Goals

Having practiced the above three key points and now you are thinking of advancing, you need to set specific goals.

If you are an expert and looking forward to working in a floral shop, call around to nearby flower shops and seek for job vacancies. On the other hand, if you are a novice you could look for mentorship programs and internships. It wouldn’t hurt to learn more about
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